Orange Padel Supreme

Latest generation hybrid padel court, extremely strong due to the unique combination of the construction of frames and pillars. Orange Padel Supreme is ideal for the international market due to its strength, state of the art design and premium quality galvanized steel structure. 

The court has been certified an approved by Kiwa and it is registered on the official list of approved padel courts by the Dutch olympic committee, NOC-NSF. 

Technical Sheet

Orange Padel Supreme

The full structure is manufactured with Orange Padel approved galvanized steel materials therefore the perfect choice for any climate all over the world, as well for indoor, semi-covered and outdoor usage. 

Due to the unique combination of steel frames and pillars, with solid connections between the individual metal frames the structure provides a very strong and rigid structure with greater resistance to impacts and gusts of wind.


Orange Padel Supreme

Hybrid pillar & frame system

Galvanised metal hybrid frame/pillar system made of structural tube 160 x 160 mm. 8 pillars of galvanized steel 3m length, 12 reinforced pillars of galvanized steel 3m length, 4 light post pillars of galvanized steel 6m length. 8 galvanized frame modules of 3x2m with mesh, 14 galvanized frame modules of 4x2m with mesh of 1x2m, 4 galvanized frame modules of 3x2m, 4 galvanized L modules of 2m x 3m with mesh made of galvanized steel framed in structural tube 30x30x2mm.

Electro-welded mesh

Electro-welded mesh of 50 x 50 x4 mm reinforced with galvanized structural tube 


Homologated 10mm or 12mm tempered safety glass .Standard 18 panels of 1995 x 2995mm, optional 14 panels of 1995 x 2995mm and 4 panels of 1995 x 1995mm are possible.  All glass panels are produced in compliance with CE, ISO and UNE EN 12150-1 standard

Artificial grass  

Orange Padel grass is produced in compliance with ISO 9001 & 14001, 3 options: fibrillated, monofilament and curled

Nett Poles  

Including an internal tension system.

Straight lighting system

8 LED lights 200w especially designed for padel courts, including 3m electric cable and protection fuses. 4 columns of galvanized steel for lighting installation.

Technical Sheet  

Orange Padel Supreme