Our goal is to make the difference for our clients. Orange Padel at your service!

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Orange Padel installation service 

Our padel courts leave our factory in kit form and arrive at their final destination for installation. Orange Padel offers high quality support for the installation of our courts all over the world. Besides a very detailed installation manual, video instruction and live support during installation by video conference, we also have several highly experienced installation support crew who can assist you by installing the Orange Padel courts on site.  

Our goal is to make the difference for our clients, that is the reason will do more than only producing your courts. Several extra services we are offering to add value for you and your customer, Orange Padel at your service!

Orange Padel D&D (Design & Development)

Orange Padel can support you with 2-D and 3-D detailed drawings as well providing smart court lay-out plans for optimal use of the available space. Our flexibility allows quick replies and customised solutions to reach the best customer service.

Orange Padel Business

Are you working at or do you have your own business property and do you want your colleagues and employers to work out , stay fit, have fun and live healthy…? Enjoy the fun of padel and contact us to build your own padel court at your business property.

Orange Padel Smart

Create your own SMART padel court with our innovative Artificial Intelligence, high speed camera and personal social wearable padel tracker.

Orange Padel Academy

We offer the possibility of “train the trainers” for padel clubs by very high educated, world padel tour experienced trainers worldwide. Contact us for the possibilities and we work our a detailed plan for you and your clients.

Orange Padel Travel

Do you want to book a padel trip to Spain with a group of enthusiastic padel players? Orange Padel offer fully organized trip to multiple padel cathedrals in Spain, hosted by a team professional trainers and travel professionals. Contact us for the options and locations.

Orange Padel Essentials

We can supply all essential padel equipment and merchandise.