Orange Padel Accessoires


All individual components of the padel court should be superior fine-tuned to give ultimate playing comfort in a safe sport environment. 

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At Orange Padel International we know that not only the steel structure will define the players satisfaction, but also the artificial turf, lighting and glass panels are major importance. Please contact us directly if you want more information about our artificial turf, glass panels and led lighting products at

Orange Padel Artificial Turf

Orange Padel International only cooperates with the highest quality padel turf
manufacturers in the world and produced in compilance with ISO9001, 14001 such
as Mondo, Domo, Real Turf, Condor and Juta. All our artificial turf systems comply
with the FEP and FIP regulations


We offer best quality artificial turf based in different colors and heights. We offer our clients 3 options: fibrillated, monofilament and curled in green, blue and red, other colors on request. 


Its fibers give the surface a faster game. The main characteristic is its fibrillated filaments.


This type of fibers gives the surface a faster game and stabilizes the filling better, so the bouncing is more regular on this type of surfaces. The main characteristic is its texturized monofilaments.


Resistant and durable. The game is slower and pleasant on this surface. The main characteristic is it filament.

Orange Padel Sports Lighting


Our padel court lighting meets the highest quality standards both in terms of lux quantity and uniformity in all playing areas (net, accesses, backdrops, sides). Depending on the use of the padel courts, our ranges of LED fixtures cover all the types of courts indicated in the European standard for sports lighting, UNE-EN-12193:2020.

Orange Padel Glass Panels


On the back and sides of the court we use tempered glass with a thickness of 10mm or 12mm. All glass is 2 meters wide and 3 meters high. To guarantee their durability and resistance, they are installed on a 5mm neoprene layer that reduces vibrations and minimizes the risk of breakage.

The manufacturing process of our tempered glass rigorously complies with the UNE EN 12150-1 standard, thus ensuring maximum quality and safety. With these certified quality glasses, maximum performance is guaranteed, offering a safe playing experience.


In case of breakage it will fall apart in to non sharp small pieces


EN 12150-1 standard
5 times stronger than ordinary glass


All weather conditions in and outdoor